Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bath is a beautiful place. Went to see Mika, but her room mate said she was away at Cornwall and would be back on Monday.

Some pictures of Bath.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

London... but no Mika...

London isn't very pretty in the summer. The room was so humid and hot... had to take a walk. Need to meet BB this afternoon. He owes me some money for some work I did for him before I went to Milan, and he's taken almost 2 years to settle it.

Yesterday, I went to the library Mika said she was working in, only to be told that she left three and a half months back but she did leave a forwarding address, somewhere in Bath. Has it been that long since we last spoke?

The receptionist at the b&b asked me to get a train West to Bristol or Cardiff from Paddington station. Haven't checked the tube map to see how to get there.

Mika, I have so many things to tell you... don't know where to start. I can't help but feel that you are with someone else.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I start this journey...

I quit my job today. Had enough of the glamorous life. NYC has been a blast, much better than the 6 months I spent in Milan. What's next... I don't know, but I'm taking a year off work to think about it. I have exactly $56,680.89 in my bank, $13,342.12 charged on my credit card, sold my car yesterday for a loss, and happy to start as a no one. I purchased my flight ticket to London last week, on a whim.... not knowing whether I really was going to quit or not, but here I am, checked in, sitting in the airport lounge, with about 6 hours to wait.

Mika was always saying that I should be doing this exactly. But what she really meant was WE should be doing this. Mika, where are you? I hope you're where you said you would be... I'm coming, so don't leave. Two weeks ago, if you would've seen me, the world was in my hands, but now, I sit here, knowing that the next few weeks and months, may be the hardest. I was sad when I left the apartment this afternoon, knowing I would never see it again. I left a message for the land lady, saying that she could have all my clothes if she wanted it.